Seaboard Foods Provides Exposure and Education to Students Through Annual Winternship


Joe Denoyer, KSCB News (KS)

January 10, 2022


Guymon, Okla. (Jan. 10, 2022) —Last week, 22 students from 16 different

colleges experienced Seaboard Foods’ annual Winternship. The Winternship

provides an opportunity for students to explore the inner workings of a

connected pork production company, network with subject matter experts,

better define career paths and gain exposure and education about how pork is



“Many college students don’t always know what they want to do when they

graduate or are not aware of the many career paths a large agribusiness

company has to offer. The Winternship provides an eye-opening experience

to help students learn about the pork industry and see many potential career

opportunities,” says Alaina Sill, talent acquisition and recruiting manager at

Seaboard Foods.


Seaboard Foods’ Winternship started in 2010, and since its beginnings, 235

students have experienced this unique educational opportunity. Students

complement their formal education with a real-life look at the pork industry

through tours and presentations, connect with professionals and subject

matter experts, and better define their career goals through a real-life look at

career paths. Through a first-hand look at the integrated pork business,

Winterns became knowledgeable consumers that understand how pork is

produced and are better equipped to advocate for the agriculture industry.

“We started the Winternship to provide a very transparent look at how pork is

produced and the many opportunities our sector of agriculture has to offer,”

says Craig Maloney, senior director of operational support at Seaboard

Foods. “As an industry, we have a responsibility to expose young people to

what we do, getting them excited about how the pork they eat is produced and

showing them that we are innovative, business savvy, and have many great

opportunities for fulfilling careers.”


With future generations having less exposure to agriculture...