Making America Great Again, One Bale at a Time at Cattlemen's Congress


Oklahoma Farm Report

09 Jan 2022


If you are in the cattle business, there is a good chance you are also in the hay business. For the double dippers at this year’s Cattlemen’s Congress, Delvin Drinkall and the American Family Netwrap booth are stationed in the Super Barn, ready to send you home with a roll of red, white and blue netwrap!


“It is Americana,” Drinkall said. “I tell everybody - and I totally believe it - I am selling god and America more than netwrap.”


Drinkall’s slogan is ‘Help Make American Great Again, One Bale at a Time.’ He said every time he sees red, white and blue netwrap in a field, he feels like the nation is getting a little closer to greatness. His clientele is, “farmers, friends and neighbors.”


“It is very rewarding,” Drinkall said...


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