How One Family is Breaking the Mold to Carve Out New Path to Process Meat Without White House's Help


By Tyne Morgan, AgWeb

January 7, 2022


Just 65 miles south of Kansas City you’ll find a meat company shaking up status quo.


“We are standing in front of our beef processing facility near Butler, Missouri,” says Todd Hertzog of Hertzog Meat Company. “Not only do we actually process beef, we also process hogs and bison as well.”


The company sells their own Hertzog Farms private label, while also processing meat for others, and it’s a nice complement to the other side of their family cattle business.


“We got into backgrounding and finishing cattle on grass. And there's such a need and inconsistent process and a processing facility,” says Hertzog.


The family business goes back five generations. More than 125 years ago, Jacob Hertzog relocated to Missouri from Pennsylvania and operated a cattle ranch. And while the family still raises cattle, the Hertzog family opened the doors to its new meat processing facility in May 2021.


“We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but what we're trying to do is iron out some inconsistencies that were flawed in the processing business,” he adds.


Seeing a void in local processing, the Hertzogs got to work. They toured other facilities and did research to create a state-of-the-art meat processing site.


As their newly opened processing facility finds footing, the processing portion of Hertzog Meat Company was built in just eight months. The timeline may seem quick, but the Hertzogs say no corners were cut.


“We wanted to add technology because we wanted to iron out the inconsistencies that are in the processing side of things,” says Hertzog. “And you cannot iron those out if you do cut corners.”


With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into just the technology of this new facility, he says it’s the technology that was a key part of the recipe in getting the quality right...