African Swine Fever outbreak claims over 50 pigs


The Independent (Uganda)

January 9, 2022


More than 50 pigs have died in Masaka city resulting from the outbreak of African Swine Fever, according to the veterinary department.


The deaths have been reported in the villages of Luvule, Bulayi, and Sunga in the Nyendo-Mukungwe division and Ssenyange and Kijabwemi in one week.


Peter Ssennabulya, the City’s Veterinary Officer, confirmed the outbreak, saying that it may spread to other villages if nothing is done to control it.


According to Ssennabulya, more than 30 mature pigs and several young ones had died as of Wednesday.


Swine fever is a contagious and infectious disease that spreads rapidly among pigs but there is no treatment for it.


An infected pig or piglet presents with high fever, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, changes to purple color, and dies within two or three days.


Ssennabulya has advised the farmers and pork dealers to avoid selling or consuming meat from infected pigs since it may affect their health.


He has also advised the farmers...