Brazil’s pork exports soared to new highs in 2021


Daniel Azevedo, Pig Progress 

Jan 10, 2022  


Brazilian pork exports closed off 2021 with a total of 1.13 million tonnes, the highest result ever reached in a single year, and 11% above the volume shipped in 2020 (the previous record), with 1.02 million tonnes.


Foreign exchange revenue from sales in 2021 also achieved a new historical mark with US$ 2.64 billion, or 16.4% more than 2020 (US$ 2.27 billion). Those numbers still keep Brazil as the 4th main pig exporter, behind European Union as a block, the United States and Canada.


Asia as main purchasing region for Brazilian pork ...


Major pork destinations


Main export destination in 2021, as expected, was China where 533,700 tonnes was shipped to. That amount was 3.9% more than in 2020 – an amount that was much higher than for any other country. The Chinese market, currently, is responsible for almost half (47.2%) of all Brazilian pork shipments.


Other top destinations were:


    Chile: 61,000 tonnes (+39.2%);

    Vietnam: 44,900 tonnes (+11.4%);

    Argentina: 37,800 tonnes (+97.5%); and

    the Philippines: 33,400 tonnes (+321.5%).


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