North Korea Claims Kim Jong Il Invented Burritos


By Adam Staten, Newsweek



Next time you're heading to Chipotle and you wonder who actually invented the burrito, you should know that there is one possible, though unlikely origin story making the rounds. According to North Korean media, burritos were invented by the late Kim Jong Il.


The bizarre claim from the notoriously reclusive country comes from the state propaganda outlet, Rodong Sinmun. The report said that the dictator, the father of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, actually came up with the burrito in 2011 before he died of a heart attack.


However, instead of calling them burritos, the North Koreans call them "wheat wraps." Additionally, to accompany the claim, a video shows the wraps being prepared in a kitchen, street vendors selling them and people enjoying them in the streets of Pyongyang.


Despite North Korea's outlandish claim, the burrito actually got its start in Mexico, at some point in the 1900s. The food item then started growing in popularity in the United States back in the 1950s.


Following the news about the origins of the burrito, social media responded to North Korea's statement. Twitter user @Joebiwancannoli said the eastern Asian country claiming the burrito as their own is "my favorite weird thing about 2022 so far."


Several other Twitter users called out North Korea for the claim...