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·         McDonald’s Is Beginning To Test Exercise Bikes Inside Restaurants

·         McDonald's Australia Just Launched Its Own Line Of Swimwear



McDonald’s Is Beginning To Test Exercise Bikes Inside Restaurants


604 Now Vancouver (Canada)

January 7, 2022


If you’ve ever felt guilty about indulging in some McDonalds, a solution may soon be coming your way.  This new concept allows you to burn off a few calories while enjoying your meal.


A TikTok video shows a woman chowing down on a cheeseburger while riding a stationary bike attached to a table at a McDonald’s location quickly went viral. And the irony was not lost on people.


Some questioned the strange concept of pairing a fast food chain and a popular piece of exercise equipment. However, it turns out to be a reality for two McDonald’s locations in China. One is located in Shanghai and the other in Guangdong.


The chain has been testing out the stationary bikes as part of the company’s initiative to go green.


It allows consumers to recharge their electronics while they eat using sustainable energy. Not only that, but apparently the bikes are also made out of recyclable materials...


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McDonald's Australia Just Launched Its Own Line Of Swimwear


By Kate Hagan, Gallup

via Mashed - Jan. 7, 2022


Would you like fries with that swimsuit? In an interesting new move, McDonald's has partnered up on a swimwear line that takes the idea of happy meals to the next level. Of course, this isn't the first time McD's has partnered with another brand, but it might be one of the most enjoyable fast food mashups we've seen in a while. It was the brainchild of Budgy Smuggler, an Australian swimwear brand that was reportedly started as a joke when a person wrote the brand phrase across the back of a mate's "speedo-style" bottoms. Continuing the irony, the brand further describes itself saying, "Why it has been successful, we have no idea." The company even acknowledges that they spelled "budgy" wrong, noting it should really be "budgie." For those unaware, a budgie is a popular and pretty little bird in the parakeet family that can mimic human sounds and is often enjoyed as a pet (via The Spruce Pets).


Capitalizing on this humor, Budgy Smuggler teamed up with Maccas (Australian for McDonald's) to create the line, which is now out in time for the heights of Australian summer. McDonald's Australia senior brand manager Liz Whitbread share...


Fans of McDonald's can wear it proudly with this new swimwear ...


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