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·         Pet pig’s death prompts African swine fever probe in Thailand

·         Pig exports chopped as prices keep soaring [Thailand]



Pet pig’s death prompts African swine fever probe in Thailand


By Panarat Thepgumpanat, Reuters

via WTVB (MI) - Jan 8, 2022


BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s livestock authorities vowed to investigate the death of a pet pig after a university lab test indicated it died from African swine fever, the first such report in the country.


Thailand has for years insisted its pig herds remained unaffected by African swine fever, which over recent years has swept through Europe and Asia and killed hundreds of millions of pigs, particularly in China, even as its Southeast Asian neighbours reported outbreaks.


A miniature pet pig in Bangkok was found to have died from the disease after it was brought in by its owner for a lab test that was done in early December at Kasetsart University, said Nattavut Ratanavanichrojn, associate dean at the university’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Nakhon Pathom province, west of Bangkok.


“African swine fever has been found in Thailand, because we found it,” Nattavut told Reuters late on Friday, adding that the university had sent the pig’s autopsy result to Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development last month.


He added that the owner had two other miniature pigs in the same household that also died later.


The university’s discovery follows rising speculation that an African swine fever outbreak is already decimating Thai pig herds, with pig prices surging because of lower pig supply this year.


Thai authorities have repeatedly denied an African swine fever outbreak and previously attributed most farm pig deaths to another viral disease called porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)...





Pig exports chopped as prices keep soaring

Govt acts to end ongoing shortage


Bangkok Post (Thailand)

8 Jan 2022


A set of regulations, including a ban on the export of live pigs, has been enforced to tackle the surging price of pork.


On Thursday, two measures, issued by the Central Committee on the Prices of Goods and Services, chaired by Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit, were published in the Royal Gazette.


The first bans the export of the animals for three months, effective yesterday.


The second announcement involves a requirement that certain groups must update the Department of Internal Trade weekly on the number of pigs they own, the size of their stock, the sale of their pigs, the selling prices, the places where the pigs are raised and the places where pork is kept.


The groups are as follows: farmers who own more than 500 pigs, pork wholesalers and exporters who keep over 500 pigs in stock, and operators of food-freezing businesses with over 5,000 kilogrammes of pork in stock.


The enforcement of the second announcement will last for one year.


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