CowToilet is More than a Passing Novelty


By Maureen Hanson, Dairy Herd Management

January 6, 2022


It may sound like the title of a middle-school science fair project, but the CowToilet is a real invention, and may soon be operating on commercial dairies around the world.


Invented and marketed by Hanskamp AgroTech BV in the Netherlands, the CowToilet is mounted in a customized, free-access feed cubicle that can be placed in virtually any dairy barn.


When cows enter the cubicle and enjoy a portion of pelleted feed, the CowToilet rubs against the suspensory ligament of their udder, stimulating a natural nerve reflex that causes them to urinate, as demonstrated in this video. The urine is collected in the CowToilet receptacle, removed by suction, and transported to an air-tight storage silo.


The invention passed the muster of the German Agricultural Society’s DLG Innovation Society, an independent expert jury that awarded CowToilet the only Gold Innovation Award at the 2021 EuroTier, a massive animal agriculture trade show held every two years in Hannover, Germany.


Keeping urine and manure separated is a major fete with multiple benefits...


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