Steer clear! Cowboys ride to the rescue and help state troopers round up cattle running along an Idaho freeway


         Two horseback riders saved the day by safely wrangling escaped cattle off road

         The Idaho cows had escaped from their pen and then evaded police for hours

         Footage shows one rider chasing one of the runaways along the meridian


By Chay Quinn For Mailonline (UK)

6 January 2022


This is the moment drivers were confronted with a cowboy helping police to corral a runaway cow as it charged along an Idaho highway.


Amanda Chapman filmed the footage as she travelled along on the I-84 interstate near Caldwell at around 1.15pm on January 2.


Her footage shows a horseback rider trying to lasso a cow while police officers wave their arms to herd it.


But the runaway animal swerves past the officers, charges out of the median and heads along the road past Ms Chapman's car.


Ms Chapman narrates as she approaches two riders and the animal, saying: 'We've got some cowboys and an angry cow taking off on the freeway.'


As she and another person in the vehicle observe the strange scene, she adds: 'The cow is p***ed.'


As the animal dodges the attempts to wrangle it and heads towards her vehicle Ms Chapman exclaims: 'We're playing with the cow!'


The video, which Ms Chapman uploaded to Facebook, has been viewed over 137,000 times, with the incident even prompting Idaho State Police to release a statement condemning those who slowed down to film the scenes...


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