Department of Agriculture holds public meeting for Continental pig farm's permit request


Joe Gilroy, The Lima News, Ohio

via Yahoo News - January 6, 2022  


Jan. 6—OTTAWA — The Brick Farm Swine, LLC is one step closer to becoming Continental's newest swine finishing facility after a public meeting on a draft permit came and went with no public comment.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) held an open house that was directly followed by a public meeting Wednesday night for a draft permit to install (PTI) as well as a draft permit to operate (PTO) filed by Brick Farm.


According to the Black Farm's PTI the farm wants to build a new finisher barn that would house up to 6,000 head of swine weighing 55 pounds or more. The barn requires an eight-foot concrete pit below the housing area and would have a capacity of 2.5 million gallons.


The farm's PTO lays out the business's plan for manure and insect controls. Included in manure mitigation is a plan for 18 tons of manure compost being spread over 65 acres of crops that will be rotated between corn, soybeans and wheat.


If approved the PTI...